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How To Care and Clean A Leather Jacket?

A leather jacket or coat is costly wear to your wardrobe and requires optimal care. But you just can’t toss it in a washing machine and expect it will come out fresh & new. They do require a little more care than your normal clothes and in most of the case, we’d recommend considering a professional dry cleaning in Singapore for better work. Since timely prevention is considered a smart move.

If your jacket is brand new, our dry cleaners can ensure its longevity and make sure it stays good for all upcoming occasions.

#1 Change Your Perspective. Some of the common ways you can do to ensure that your leather jacket stays supple, smooth and clean is by treating it like a valuable item. Since leather jackets are sturdily built, they have come to specific care attention and you need to follow general guidelines to keep them in good shape.

#2 Keep It In A Dry State. Avoid wearing your jackets on rainy days and in case, and if it does get wet, we would recommend that you hang it immediately.

#3 Learn How To Hang Jacket Correctly. Folding your jacket is a common mistake which causes wrinkles and cracks. Instead of folding, just droop it on a padded hanger in a well-ventilated closet. Don’t hand it in the sunlight as it will quickly discolour the jacket.

#4 Don’t Clean at Home. One should not try to clean a leather jacket at home unless you have experienced or aren’t worried about irreparable harm. It is highly recommended to consider our professional laundry and dry cleaners in Singapore for impeccable work.

Seeking professional leather dry-cleaning in Singapore? If yes, do make your next appointment at Cloud Story is setting up a benchmark in the community by offering them reliable Singapore dry cleaning services at an affordable rate. Since we give a well-thought consideration to the leather type, colour and style, as a customer, you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

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