curtain cleaning

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NIGHT CURTAIN - /PER KG (Non Transparent)

Curtain Cleaning + Iron - $7.50

With Removal & Installation

Curtain Cleaning + Iron- From $11.50

S4 Button Additional  + $2.00

Free 1 Set of Curtain Rental (worth $20.00) for Curtain Cleaning with Removal & Installation Booking - First Come First Serve basis Limited Sets available

DAY CURTAIN - PER PC (Semi Transparent)

Curtain Cleaning + Iron- $9.00

With Removal & Installation

Curtain Cleaning + Iron - From $11.50

S4 Button Additional  + $2.00 


Removal & Installation

Kindly SMS/Whatsapp +6596896045 for quotation

Conditions of Service For Curtains Processing                                                    

No liability can be accepted for                                                                                                                 

(a) any shrinkage, discoloration, distortion or scratches as a result of washing/drycleaning.                           

(b) any damage to curtains where the fabric had weakened due to age and usage. This is especially so for curtains exposed to spotlights, sunlight and chlorine fume and moisture from swimming pools.

(c) curtains with blackout or plastic coating, some coating may blister, peel, self-stick or dissolve.             

(d) curtains made from lightweight, sheer fabric such as organza, silk, lace or day curtains. Such curtains are more affected by light exposure and have a shorter lifespan.                                  

(e) double-layered curtains which normally come with a lightweight fabric sewed together with a heavy fabric. The heavier fabric might pull/drag the lightweight fabric causing distortion or the lighter fabric to tear during the washing /dry cleaning process.