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Service Terms and Condition

1.Please list quantity of each articles. The Shop's count must be accepted. 

2.All articles sent in for drycleaning are processed using approved solvent, perchloroethylene. The Shop cannot be held responsible for defects or damages arising during treatment should article requires the usage of other forms of special chemicals. 

3.No liability can be accepted for defects, damages, shrinkage or colour fading arising during treatment which are due to deterioration by wear and exposure or poor quality, workmanship or methods of manufacture. The Shop is also not responsible for defects or damages arising due to inappropriate pre-treatment/treatment by the customer before sending the articles to the Shop. 

4.No liability can be accepted for articles attached with inappropriate sequins, pearls, beads, buttons or any accessories which might melt, dissolve or discolour after the cleaning process. The Shop can not be held responsible for loss of buttons, ornaments or anything left in pockets or any other parts of the article. 
5.The Shop reserves the right to refuse cleaning any garment. 

6.Stains shall be removed upon customer's request and will be done at owner's risk. Complete removal of stain is not guaranteed. 

7.Our liability for loss or damage of any articles through our negligence shall be limited to the fair value of the article at the time of receipt, The shop will take into consideration depreciation in value due to age and usage, The amount of compensation will not exceed 10 times the drycleaning/washing/pressing charge for that individual item and subject to a maximum of $100 per item, unless at the time of depositing the article with us, the value of the article is declared in writing and accepted by us. If you believe the fair value of your article exceed 10 times of the cleaning charges, please approach the Shop counter to make appointment to meet with Factory Manager in factory for special article examination. Once factory accept your article, the cleaning charges will be 1/10 of the declared value. 

8.The shop shall under no circumstances be liable for any delay (howsoever caused) in collection, transportation or delivery of the articles, nor for any consequential or special or indirect loss or damage suffered by the customer by reason of such delay or by reason of any loss of use, profit, income, opportunity, custom, or otherwise and whether or not the shop has or ought to have knowledge of the same. 

9.All claims must be accompanied by the original list. For delivered articles, claims must be submitted within 24hours. In the case of collected articles, all articles must be inspected and any customer's dissatisfaction must be made known at time of collection and all claims be submitted before leaving the shop or its representatives' premises. Tagging done by the shop on the article to be claimed must not be removed. 

10.Loss of receipt not reported immediately will be at the owner's risk. 

11.All articles must be claimed within one (1) month from date of this order. The shop cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of articles after one (1) month. Articles may also be sold to defray processing and storage charges. 

12.Price are subject to change without prior notice.

Conditions of Service For Curtains Processing                                                    

No liability can be accepted for                                                                                                                 

(a) any shrinkage, discoloration, distortion or scratches as a result of washing/drycleaning.                           

 (b) any damage to curtains where the fabric had weakened due to age and usage. This is especially so far curtains exposed to spotlights, sunlight and chlorine fume and moisture from swimming pools.

 (c) curtains with blackout or plastic coating, some coating may blister, peel, self-stick or dissolve.             

(d) curtains made from lightweight, sheer fabric such as organza, silk, lace or day curtains. Such curtains are more affected by light exposure and have a shorter lifespan.                                  

 (e) double-layered curtains which normally come with a lightweight fabric sewed together with a heavy fabric. The heavier fabric might pull/drag the lightweight fabric causing distortion or the lighter fabric to tear during the washing /drycleaning process.

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