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Is Winter coming to Singapore?

After the flash flood, Singapore has been experiencing rainy days for the past 3 days resulting in the drop of temperatures from the usual 26-28 degree to 21.9 degree. 

Is Winter really coming?

Oh well, here or some of the day laundry that you might find it perfect for the cool weather :)

Cashmere wool scarf 🧣 

Cashmere wool comes from cashmere goat, the only animals that can produce those dreamy, luxurious, highly coveted fibers. 

With just a thin layer, can keep you feeling warm and fuzzy without feeling stuffy. 

A good quality 60% cashmere sweater wool scarf usually cost around USD80 and above. (price of the product may varies)

As cashmere is made of fine fabric, it is best to be handwash correctly or dry clean to reduce chance of shrinkage or damage.

Sweater / Turtleneck top👩🏻‍💼

A good time to bring out those autumn wear that you have been storing for your holiday trip!

In Singapore, there is rarely a chance for us to wear sweater out in the open without having anyone staring at you. 👀

Have a wonderful time dressing up in your new OOTD today!

Click below to find out more about the recent cold weather in Singapore 🌬🌨


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