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Dry Cleaning Curtains Singapore – Bring New Life To Your Elegant Curtains

Fresh good looking curtains are not obligatory but a necessity that brings life to any room and adds a valuable facade to your home appearance. The significance of dry cleaners Singapore has become imperative for aesthetic purposes and also to get rid of microscopic dust mites. That’s right, your beautiful curtains serve as an effective air filter and a regular cleaning will effectively help in getting rid of nasty dust mites.

How often should you clean your curtains? Curtains are often kept exposed to the outdoors via windows & doors and likely to become dirty easily. The consistent exposure can make them permanently discoloured and also prone to bacteria’s. The best time to take care of your curtain is after every three months. Even though you don’t see a single sign of dirt, professional dry cleaners Singapore is highly recommended to keep your drape dirt-free & allergy free - especially if you or your family are hypersensitive or allergic to dust.

Why Choose Cloud Story? Cloud Story has been in the business for many years and helping individuals in keeping their homes looking at its best. Other than the dry cleaning curtains Singapore, our area of expertise also covers daily wear, winter wear, wash & fold, traditional costume & gown, leather care, carpet & mat, bed & household linen, and many more.

Our dry cleaning experts wash them carefully by adhering the following:

  • Check the label before washing and taking the material into account.

  • Our service is broadly trusted for heavy & thick drapes.

  • Our cleaners use good quality detergent for impeccable results.

  • Extremely careful with hooks, trim & embellishments prior to washing.

  • Iron them patiently.

In the end, the prettiness of the curtain will definitely give you a perfect example of our finest work. If you think your curtain is not up to the standard and need clean work, do make an appointment with Our services are expertly managed and extremely responsive to your daily needs. Through pickup & delivery, we maintain full transparency with no hidden cost. Call us today…!!

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