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4 Clothing and Style Hacks for Modern Gentleman and Gentlewomen

Keeping your suits & clothes fresh & wrinkle-free on a daily basis is an art that only a few masters. Being a leading organization for affordable laundry services in Singapore, we understand how crucially important it is for modern men and women to keep themselves in a neat & clean professional state. But one wouldn’t deny the fact that organizing does require a well-thought consideration.

“We Wear, We Mess, We Smell and Then We Again Need Fresh Clothes To Wear” - It’s a continuous process and you need to smarten up. How about you pay attention to the important stuff while CLOUD STORY takes care of your clothes? Sounds like a good idea…!! Luckily it is. The unique face of our organization lies in the ability to provide full-fledged services under one roof which includes- dry cleaning curtains, carpets, shirt, top, pants, skirt, shorts, jackets, vests, dresses, and many more. In a clear-cut language, we are your everyday solution to button up your clothes.

In the end, how you present yourself speaks a lot about your personality. Some of the most effective clothing and style hacks for modern gentlemen and gentlewomen are:

  • Pack your suit without getting it wrinkled. Simply put your precious suit in a bag to keep it in good condition.

  • Invest in Quality-Oriented Dry Cleaning Service Singapore. A good dry cleaning keeps you on time and gives you more than one reason to appear neat & tidy.

  • Fold Your Sweater Instead of Hanging Them. Sweaters are usually stretched out when they are hung for too long. Thus, it is recommended that you fold sweaters before keeping them in your wardrobe.

  • Wash As Per Clothing Standard To Maintain Its Longevity and Aesthetic Appearance. Ever clothes demand gentle caring and only a few see a label. So next time, make sure you wash them precisely.

Why Stumble When You Got Professionals. In the modern world, our affordable laundry service Singapore has been a pure blessing to all those professionals who seek fresh clothes on a daily basis. To find them all, do stop by at

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