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5 Tips to reduce fading on clothes & bedding

Another beautiful set of Punjabi / evening gown cleaned and ready to go We specialize in color preservation and delicate cleaning, so that you can be ready to impress on your special occasions without any worry☺️ Here are some useful which you can do at home to reduce fading:

Care Tag:

Those washing instructions on your shirt's tag isn't just to make you itchy. 

Every piece of laundry that comes to us are carefully cleaned based on the care tag instructions to help your favorite shirt to stay new after cycles of cleaning. 

Whether it’s normal laundry service or sending your item to Your Trusted Dry Cleaner , you will know what is best for your laundry. 😉

Cold Water:

Although high temperature water helps to kill germs and bacteria, they have the tendency to cause fading due to the type of color dye being used. Cold water are recommended a it reduce color bleeding. We recommend using laundry detergent that works well with cold water for best result. 🌊❄️

Inside Out:

Turning your laundry and bedsheets inside out protects the outer fibers from wearing down when you wash.

Although your inside fiber will still fade, but it doesn’t really affect how it look on the outside.👔

Dry Cleaning:

One of the main reason fading occurs is due to the agitation caused between color dye and water.

Dry cleaning uses liquid cleaning agent that does not contain H2O, which in turn reduce fading significantly.

Dry cleaning acts also as a fibric conditioner for your favorite laundry and serve as one of the key factor to protect clothes. Hence delicate fabric such as silk and animal fur / feather always recommend dry cleaning or professional laundry service from your dry cleaner.👘👗 

Skip Dryer:

Tumbling of the dryer causing potential shrinkage, warping elastic, and roughness to surface of your garment, 

Air drying under shade helps to reduce fading. Alternatively, with the help of garment bag and setting your dryer to low temperature may help too 🙌🏻

Need help with professional laundry service.

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Happily ever after with freshen fabrics

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