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Affordable Laundry Service Singapore - Find Best Services at Competitive Price

Good-quality laundry and dry cleaning always keep you one step closer to organise your wardrobe preeminently. And if you are looking for a professional cleaning service in Singapore, then you’ll be glad to see what Cloud Story has to offer. Cloud Story is ‘One Brand Trusted Vastly’ for all types of laundry & dry cleaning needs including ironing.

The factors which portray us a reliable brand for cleaning & dry cleaning services are: • 24*7 Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services in Singapore - Could Story offer a dependable cleaning service for any season and any day. Our professionals are available 24*7 and take orders even on weekends.

• Quality Oriented Services Under One Roof - Our team of professional cleaners are proficient in both ‘machine wash’ or ‘hand wash, and we are cautious with delicate clothing material. We dry and iron and fervently take care of your expensive clothes.

• Highly Competitive Price – The price quotation of our cleaning is very reasonable and ensure maximum value & satisfaction. One can see the cost on our dedicated website, Benefits of Cloud Story’s Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Ever since we incorporated, we’ve kept the zing to be called as the trusted brand for professional cleaning. Our cleaners pay close attention to care labels and clothing details, and then begin to bestow a proper care. Other than this, we take special precautions to prevent shrinkage, texture and loss of colour.

You can’t go wrong when you trust Cloud Story because:

• Our dry cleaning is less abrasive, ensuring delicate care for delicate clothes. • Our cleaners pay close attention to details. • Our cleaning service is ideally suited for stains and odour removal. • Cloud Story can handle vast bulk cloths order with curtains, carpet and sheepskin. • Our diligent services ensure the longevity of clothes. Other than all these, we even do ironing for you.

Give Your Order Today- Cloud Story is an on-demand pickup, and delivery dry cleaning services that remains open seven days a week. To schedule your first order, visit our website

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