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Why Our Dry Cleaning Services In Singapore Is Far better than Washing Machine?

Though the washing machine is available at the convenience of home and is indeed an affordable option, but is it reliable enough to protect the affluence of your clothes? When it comes to the right fit for your lifestyle, dry cleaning services have a far better advantage than your regular washing machine. The reason for that is because the services are managed by a team of professional cleaners which not only take good care of your precious clothes but also ensure longevity. Obviously, with proper care, clothes tend to last longer than expected.

At CLOUD STORY, our dry cleaning services are measured as a soft washing process where the rotation of the drum is much milder than the abrasive washing machine and rarely causes shrinkage. It prevents fading, preserve fabrics color & texture, and you’ll get your clothes as fresh as new. Though we are not saying one mustn’t use a washing machine for regular washing purposes, in case of expensive clothes it is become imperative to consider dry cleaning service.

The benefits you get with our dry cleaning service in Singapore are:

#1 Soft and Gentle Process – Our dry cleaning is well-famed for soft & gentle washing process where we use the right amount of water and solvent. The care we cater preserves not only the fabric's strength but also safeguards the aesthetic appearance of cloth.

#2 Extremely Gentle with Deep Cleaning – It is perhaps one of the most significant advantages with dry cleaning services. Our process can “deep clean” and get rid of soils and stains. In the end, you’ll get your garment in “like-new” state.

#3 Great After Care Service – Our service doesn’t end at the washing stage; we take care of the rumpled and wrinkled with further ironing; making your clothes appear fresh, crisp and clean.

Washing machines and dry cleaning services both have their places. In terms of cleanliness and clothing maintenance, dry cleaning services are one-step ahead and certainly give you a far better advantage. To enroll today, do stop by at

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