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How To Get Sweat Smell Out of Your Clothes? Singapore Dry Cleaning Services

We Go Out, We Workout, We Run and We Earn, and at the end of the day it’s our clothes that tells the saga of how exhausted we really are via an unbearable sweat smell. And the crucial task comes when you have to remove the trace of bad odor which is left lingering on the clothes. Let’s just be clear on one thing, it’s not an option but a necessity because fresh clothes is a gateway to a great personality. But the majority of us are so busy with earnings that we face laundry problems.

Odor in clothes is mostly caused by buildup of sweat and bacteria from the body and there’s a reason why you must get rid of the stink immediately. A bad odor will particularly differ you and portray you as an unhygienic person. Other than this, sweat smell can cause health effects too such as mind discomfort, irritation, dizziness or nauseous. Some of the tried & tested methods to get the sweet smell out of your clothes are:

• Wash Sweaty Clothes As Soon As You Take Them Off. Don’t keep sweating clothes too much in the laundry bin as it evidently makes odor very hard to remove. It's suggested that you wash them as soon as you take them off.

• Wash Using Warm Water. Hot water is best used to remove germs and smell, but it can also cause shrink to certain clothes. So be sure to check the label of the garment for the highest possible temperature on the type of fabric.

• Soak It Up – Soak the garment in strong detergent for around 10 to 20 minutes. This will evidently loosen up the stain and remove the foul odor. Alternatively, you can soak the stinky clothes in a bucket with water with 2-3 spoonful of vinegar.

Why Face Hassle When You Have an Expert for Sweaty Clothes? Cloud Story is a leading organization for affordable laundry service in Singapore and happy to offer you the service of the highest quality standard. Our professional cleaners ensure unbeatable service which surpasses the expectation of every client. To book Singapore dry cleaning services, do stop by at Cloud Story.

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